a. Mental Health Advocacy

• MENTHALICS – Improving Mental Health Literacy and Counselling Service
This program is geared towards educating the Youth on mental health and the need for counselling or support services.
The project targets are:
a. Students
b. Institutional Guidance and Counsel Coordinators
c. Health Workers
• PCP – Peer Counsellors Project
This is a project by TOLEC GH as a tool for assisting students (Basic, Secondary and Tertiary) to be of help to themselves and colleague students. This project was born out of TOLEC GH desire to improve mental health service in the Organizations operational areas and beyond.
• FB – MEHAP -Faith Based Mental Health Awareness Program
This project is geared at reaching individuals at their various religious bodies in consultation with their spiritual leaders, with the aim of helping them appreciate the role of religion in mental health.
• MAP – Media Mental health Advocacy Program
A well informed media will lead to appropriate reportage resulting in interest and investment in mental health. It is based on the above that TOLEC GH in the year under review took up the challenge to help media practitioners in the north to help understand mental health and to report appropriately.

• COCOM – Coporate Organization Campaign on Mental Health
This project was a birthed as a result of organizational desire for improved productivity and achievement of organizational goal. All these have a link with how healthy employees are and how conducive the organizational environment promotes health (mental, psychological, physical, and social)
• T – MEHAP – Traders Mental Health Awareness Program
This project is geared at reaching out to traders with the campaign messages through dramas, videos, audios and seminars etc.

b. Psychological Interventions

  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling 
  • Psychological Assessment and Management
  • Behavioral Management

c. Emotional intelligence and Management Models

  • Conflict Management/Resolution Models
  • Post-conflict trauma management
  • Peaceful Co-existence
  • Behavioral Modification

d. Social Intervention

  • Capacity building
  • Girl empowerment
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • Enhancement of life potentials


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