Projects & Plans -2019

Projects/Plans for the year 2019

The organisation in this year, 2019 aims among other things to undertake the under listed projects in it’s bit to contribute to mental health awareness among the people in northern region.
  1. Organise mental health awareness programs in five (5) senior high schools within Tamale and Sagnarigu Municipalities
  • St Charles Minor Seminary/SHS
  • Tamale senior high school (Tamasco)
  • Ghana senior high school ( Ghanasco)
  • Tamale girls senior high school
  • Tamale Islamic senior high school
  1. To organise capacity building programs in mental health for health worker in northern region
  2. To embark on radio discussion on 3-5 stations in the metropolis to enhance peoples understanding of mental health
  3. To engage in mental health awareness creation in three communities within Tamale and Sagnarigu municipalities.
  • Gumani
  • Kuoku
  • Donayilli
  1. To organise and participate in this year’s world mental health day.

This is with the aim of making good the WHO’s plan for mental health relevant in the region

  1. To organise CPD events for health professionals within the region and beyond
  2. To engage in psychosocial services provision for ex-covert and prison inmates in Tamale prison in collaboration with Centre for Social Development Reform (CSD Reform)
  3. To organise programs on mental health awareness with the youth of the catholic Archdioceses of Tamale and other groups within the church.

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